About Us

The person in charge of VadeVeus is the singer-songwriter and producer Marc Durandeau with 6 albums released, composer of soundtracks for documentaries and TV, with over 200 songs published by Picap, Talent Beach, Universal Music, Temps Record and VadeVeus. His work included a Exit Award from Tv3 i Catalunya Ràdio, a Grammy nominee, a Billboard No. 1 Latin Tracks 2005, a BMI Award and Telemundo Composer Of The Year.

We work with musicians of high creative level and reliability. We use premium-quality recording devices, both in microphones, pre-compressors, mixers, conversos etc. We offer good quality-price when developing your ideas and musical needs.


  • Neumann U87
  • Neumann 103 TLM
  • AKG Tube Perception 820
  • Previ Avalon V1 737sp 
  • ADDA Aurora Linx 
  • ProTools 12 
  • Ovation Elite USA
  • Fender Telecaster Custom